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  1. To assess the vulnerability factors in the marginalized communities consisting of fisher folks, Dalits, Tribals etc., in Tamil Nadu , Puducherry, and  in India  to identify their capacity to cope with the situations before the disaster, during  and after Hit.
  2. To identify the leaders from the base communities in risks and give them training on disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and to establish Community Disaster Preparedness Task Forces further with evacuation, search and rescue plans and relief mechanisms in the area of operation.
  3. To put in place disaster preparedness mechanisms in identified villages in the state of Tamil Nadu , Puducherry and Other parts of our country.
  4. To mitigate the hazardous zone through community risk assessment incorporating government approval for implementation.
  5. To establish a working relationship among volunteers, response teams, community task forces, Local governments and other agencies [NGO and INGO] to make a sustainable model in disaster management.
  6. To generate information reporting and monitoring tools for preparedness, immediate response and damage assessment, according to the socio-economic conditions of urban and rural areas.
  7. To undertake studies to facilitate the preparation of a comprehensive ‘Disaster Management Plan’ for both the state and districts to help the Government in providing uniform directives from the state government to  district administration, and to establish standardized response to any disaster situation.
  8. To establish educational and training institutions for educating communities, revenue, rural development, teaching staff and students and other government department staff in the areas of “Disaster management” and “Climate Change”.

Upholding Group

Crematorium Workers 30 Families
Ambulance Drivers 30 Families
Transgender 40 Families
Leprosy Affected 30 Families
Visually Impaired 40 Families